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module quat

Creates a quaternion from an angle and axis.

fromAngleAxis( angle: float,axis: float3 ) -> float4

Rotates a vector by a quaternion and returns the rotated vector.

rotate( quaternion: float4,vector: float3 ) -> float3

Returns the conjugate of the input quaternion.

The conjugate of a quaternion number is a quaternion with the same magnitudes but with the sign of the imaginary parts changed

conjugate( quaternion: float4 ) -> float4

Returns the inverse of the input quaternion.

inverse( quaternion: float4 ) -> float4

Generates a quaternion that rotates from one direction to another via the shortest path.

fromToRotation( from: float3,to: float3 ) -> float4
diff( a: float4,b: float4 ) -> float4

Generates lookAt quaternion.

lookAt( forward: float3,up: float3 ) -> float4

Smooth interpolation between two quaternions.

slerp( a: float4,b: float4,t: float ) -> float4

Converts quaternion to matrix.

toMatrix( quaternion: float4 ) -> float4x4
fromEulerAngles( angles: float3 ) -> float4
clone( ) -> quat