Loading Assets in Shadeup

To load an asset, use the load function:

Custom assets

You can upload your own assets by dragging and dropping them into the editor, or by clicking the assets drawer and clicking the upload button.

Upload button

Once uploaded you can load them in by calling the load function and using the name they have in the drawer. You can rename assest by right-clicking on the asset in the drawer and clicking rename.

Supported asset types:

extension kind type
.png PNG texture2d<float4>
.jpg JPEG texture2d<float4>
.jpeg JPEG texture2d<float4>
.obj Wavefront Model
.gltf GLTF Model
.glb GLTF Model
.fbx FBX (YMMV) Model
.bin Binary buffer<uint8>
.txt Text string

Built-in assets

There are a number of built-in assets provided by Shadeup.

To view them hit Ctrl+Space in the editor with your cursor between the quotes inside of load. i.e. load("")

Example built-ins

Here’s a list of all the built-in assets:

Height maps

Loads in as a texture2d<float4>

  • heightmaps/crater-lake-color: image
  • heightmaps/crater-lake: image
  • heightmaps/grand-canyon: image
  • heightmaps/rugged: image


Loads in as a Model See Model reference for more info.

  • models/bunny
  • models/cornell-box
  • models/dragon
  • models/erato
  • models/head
  • models/sponza
  • models/suzanne
  • models/teapot


Loads in as a texture2d<float4>

arm = ambient, roughness, metallic

  • textures/bark/arm
  • textures/bark/color
  • textures/bark/displacement
  • textures/bark/normal
  • textures/beach/arm
  • textures/beach/color
  • textures/beach/displacement
  • textures/beach/normal
  • textures/brick/arm
  • textures/brick/color
  • textures/brick/displacement
  • textures/brick/normal
  • textures/pebbles/arm
  • textures/pebbles/color
  • textures/pebbles/displacement
  • textures/pebbles/normal
  • textures/stone-path/arm
  • textures/stone-path/color
  • textures/stone-path/displacement
  • textures/stone-path/normal
  • textures/wood/arm
  • textures/wood/color
  • textures/wood/normal